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H-Boost Ultra Product Features:

🚀 Optimize and Personalize Your Gaming Experience Like Never Before!

Experience our exclusive program designed to take your gaming skills to the next level! Our Knockback Modification (KB) and Hit Lagger tool enable you to enhance your abilities in a completely legal and secure manner.

H-Boost Ultra

🔒 Legal knockback Modification and Hit Lagger: With our program, you can legitimately adjust the Knowledge Base and Hit Lagger of your favorite games, giving you unprecedented control over your gaming experience

Optimized red 77%
HitDetection 90%
Knockback 82%

🔄 Frequent Updates:

Enhance your gameplay in competitive Minecraft and your computer's performance by purchasing one of our products.

HWID System:

Security is paramount. Our program comes equipped with a Hardware Identification (HWID) system, ensuring that only you and authorized users can access its features, thus guaranteeing the protection of your data and settings.

H-Boost Ultra MasterPlan

Experience even lower knockback rates, granting you greater control and resilience during intense gaming sessions. 🌐 Customize your connection optimization based on your network, ensuring seamless gameplay regardless of your internet environment.

Optimized network 100%
Knockback 100%
HitDetection 100%


Protected code



Easy removal


t’s an instantly effective program, allowing you to create your configurations to dominate PvP in Minecraft.

Quite safe, featuring HWID system to prevent unauthorized access to the program.

Yes, with proof of purchase and UUID.

If you’ve purchased H-Boost Ultra, upgrading to Master Plan is seamless. You’ll be charged the price difference, not the full price indicated.

Rest assured, we offer 24/7 support to address any questions or concerns you may have.